35th Conch Republic Independence Day

It was April 1982. Drugs and illegal immigrants were coming in through Key West and the Lower Keys. The U.S. Border Patrol set up a roadblock and checkpoint at the northern end of US 1.

Traffic backed up big time. Many locals and tourists were inconvenienced and angry.

A federal court action was brought to have the roadblock/checkpoint removed. It failed.

Key Westers were undaunted. Their mentality prevailed. A group of local citizens decided to protest. In humorous fashion, of course. They went to the roadblock/checkpoint and opened one on their own. Under the auspices of the newly formed Conch Republic on April 23, 1982

History was made, “We Seceded Where Others Failed!” is our motto!

4/21: Kick-Off Part and Conch Shell Blowing Contest – 7pm – Schooner Wharf
4/25: Captains’ Meeting for the BLoody Sea Battle – 9pm – Schooner Wharf Upper Deck
4/27: Conch Republic Independence Celebration Parada Party & Awards Ceremony – 9pm
4/28: Conch Republic Celebration Victory Party and Surrender Ceremony of the Great Sea Battle – 9pm
4/29: Conch Republic Independence Day Celebration Pirates’ Ball & Pig Roast and Pirate Costume Competition – 7pm

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