International Sand Artists to Sculpt Creations in Key West Contest

International Sand Artists

Intriguing nontraditional artistry and playful beachside pleasures combine in the International Sand Art Competition, providing a unique creative experience for participants and spectators over Thanksgiving weekend in Key West.

Visitors can watch six leading U.S. and international sand sculptors construct and display large-scale creations Wednesday through Sunday, Nov. 25-29, on the Atlantic Ocean beach at Casa Marina, a Waldorf Astoria Resort.

According to competition founder Marianne van den Broek of Key West’s Sand-Isle Professional Sand Sculpting, each entrant is to receive approximately 15,000 pounds of sand. All must craft their sculptures out of only sand and water, using hand tools such as trowels and brushes, but no electric tools, molds or glue.

As well as watching the artists’ sculptures take shape, kids and adults can create their own sand artistry in a designated area.

For details of the Thanksgiving weekend challenge, click here.

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